Grommet Curtains

100% Polyester
Magical material: double-sided chenille fabric thick, high-precision cashmere fabric hollow embroidered curtains, embroidered, veiled tulle curtains, comfortable and soft, drape good, high color and soft, layered
Function: Blackout curtains can also isolate inappropriate eyes, thus minimizing external noise, which is why you can enjoy private space; opaque curtains can reduce the light from the living room, bedroom and balcony in summer. And in the winter it reduces the cold
Reliable budget: 85% light barrier for curtains, light curtains, heat insulation, sound absorption, energy saving, protect your furniture and floor from the sun, while saving your home heating and cooling costs. Most importantly, it will give you a good night's sleep, so you will have plenty of energy every day.
Easy to maintain: machine or hand wash (up to 30 degrees) and low temperature iron. Do not use bleach when washing! If in doubt, we will be happy to help you and give you a satisfactory answer.

Product description
Shading function: decoration + full shading
Material: Drapery + drapes
Style: Chinese
Ingredients: Polyester
Applicable object: Bay window Octagon window Bay window Floor-to-ceiling window Plane window Corner window Arc window
Pricing unit: meter
Curtains: cashmere fabric, embroidered, hollowed out
Gauze: Embroidery, Velvet
Double-sided chenille fabric thick, high-grade, shiny and elegant
Openwork embroidery, layered, luxurious and upscale

Shipping Weight    4.41 pounds

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Grommet Curtains

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  • SGD $183.99