Crystal Bead Curtain

 Bead curtain material: Crystal glass beads, transparent inside and outside, from any angle, can bloom brilliantly, different sizes of faceted beads are irregularly arranged, naturally random
 Threading material: The bead curtain is made of 7-strand plastic film steel wire, which is durable and beautiful.
 Exquisite design: Bead curtain is a decoration, is an art, transparent crystal pendant, transparent, but also a dream.
 Function: Crystal Beaded Curtain is used for porch partition, restaurant partition, door partition, living room decoration partition, curtain decoration, bedroom partition, corridor partition, etc

Product description
Size:H1.8m  |  Color:25article
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Crystal Glass Bead Curtain is beautiful and elegant, perfectly decorating your home, office, hotel and more.
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Bead curtains are custom-made products. Please send us the width of the hanging bead curtains by email before placing your order. Then we will send you the bead curtain and matching track suitable for the width of your door frame.
Remark 2: The bead curtains have different shapes and different colors. Please send us the style and color that suits you before ordering.

Product parameters
Product Name: Crystal bead curtain, curtain, tassel curtain
Pendant material: glass crystal pendant
Bead material: glass crystal
Threading material: steel film thread
Track material : Aluminum alloy
The height of the bead curtain / the number of bead curtains and the width of the corresponding hanging bead curtain position:

Installation method:
1, screw punching installation
2, free punching and nail-free installation

1, the best spacing of the bead curtain is 4cm, the most rare is less than 5cm,
2,The track is made according to the width of your hanging bead curtain position. You can select the corresponding number according to the width of the bead curtain position.
3. Since different computers display different colors, the actual project color may be slightly different from the above image.
4. Due to manual measurement, please allow 1-3 CM to be different. thank you for understanding.
5, We only have crystal curtain, and the rest of the items are exhibits, not included.
Package includes: bead curtain track pendant screw

Product information
Size:H1.8m  |  Color:25article
Package Dimensions    312.2 x 0.4 x 0.4 inches
Item Weight    7.72 pounds
Shipping Weight    7.72 pounds

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Crystal Bead Curtain

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  • SGD $169.99