Premium Heavyweight Ceiling Track Room Divider

PREMIUM HEAVYWEIGHT ROOM DIVIDER SOLUTIONS – Attractive, inexpensive, & perfect for privacy
EASY TO SETUP – Kits come with everything needed to divide and conquer your space in minutes.
FIX A PROBLEM SPACE – Studio, apartment, loft, storage space, shared bedroom, workspace, etc.
CREATE PRIVACY IN MINUTES – Premium Heavyweight Room Divider Kits significantly reduce light to maximize privacy. X-Large kits create and separate space from 9ft to 12ft wide

Product description
Size:X-Large A - 8' Tall x 9' to 12' Wide  |  Color:Dark Chocolate
Looking for a great way to divide a room, create privacy, or hide storage space? Premium heavyweight ceiling track room divider kits present a creative and stylish way to divide space in minutes.

Ceiling track room divider kits come with everything needed to create and separate space in minutes. The ceiling track and rollers give this kit the ability to open and close with ease. If you are looking for the ultimate room divider kit, that perfectly combines looks and functionality, then you have come to the right place!

DIVIDE and CONQUER small or large spaces with ease:
Shared Bedrooms, Studios, Dorms, Workspace, Basements, Storage, etc.

Quality Construction:
Kits come with everything needed to set up a ceiling track room divider kit sized perfectly to your space
 X-Large "A" Ceiling Track Room Divider Kits work perfect for spaces 9ft to 12ft wide and include one 8ft tall x 15ft wide premium heavyweight room divider curtain, two sections of ceiling track (portions of track are 6ft wide and can be adjusted using the ceiling track saw), a ceiling track saw (cut your track to the perfect width for your space), installation hardware, ceiling track roller hooks, and 2 track end caps.
Premium Heavyweight Room Divider Curtains significantly reduce light and create the ultimate form of privacy

Our heavyweight room divider curtains are made from 100% polyester that looks elegant and complimentary in all settings
Dividers are hemmed and finished on all sides (Non-Flame Retardant)
Dividers contain 1 3/4in metal grommet rings
The ceiling track is 2in wide in diameter, strong (all aluminum), fits flush to the ceiling, and requires a simple setup
Detailed installation instructions come with each kit
Product information
Size:X-Large A - 8' Tall x 9' to 12' Wide  |  Color:Dark Chocolate

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Premium Heavyweight Ceiling Track Room Divider

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  • SGD $183.99